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I help moms over 40 with resistant weight loss, finally lose the pounds so they can feel confident, sexy and energetic!

Let's end the hormone
roller coaster

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WELCOME! Want to be part of my tribe? 

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Are you searching for real holistic solutions for:









My system of functional lab testing, targeted nutrition, holistic protocols and a specialized coaching curriculum fixes hormones, ends food obsession, and makes you look and Feel AMAZING!

Tired of guessing which diet and supplements are going to move the needle?

It’s time to take control of your own healing and stop chronic dieting with my systematic approach!

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I'll show you how to:

  • Ditch the diet mentality and reduce food obsession and cravings

  • Eat the right foods for your metabolism that aids in weight loss 

  • Clear your body of toxins that are keeping you overweight, tired and sick

  • Improve your hormones, metabolism, digestion, and immune system & more 

My step-by-step method investigates the ROOT causes of your symptoms and provides you the accountability and support you need!

Ready to chat about my program and how it can help YOU? 


Message from Mel

Hey there! I am Melanie Rogers, a holistic health practitioner on a mission to help women feel amazing in their bodies!

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Precision Nutrition Coach, and Pilates trainer with a background in Chinese and herbal medicine (MS) and I am here to help YOU.

So many women have come to me for weight loss frustrations. After 40, our hormones can start to shift, making it more difficult to lose excess weight. Many women in their 20's and 30's were able to just eat "healthy" and exercise to maintain their desired weight. When they hit 40, it became more difficult.


They tried to do all the "right" things, but just ended up on the "yo-yo dieting" cycle that became destructive. These women now come to me feeling fed up, confused, and frustrated!


If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone!

I am here to tell you that weight gain is just a symptom AND part of a larger puzzle of health that we can solve! We got this! 


Women also experience many other common symptoms that are considered "normal" by their doctors. I am here to tell you that it is NOT normal to be bloated, have cramps, feel moody or irritable, have unexplained weight gain, acne, low energy or chronic insomnia! 

Our hormones, gut health, stress levels , mindset AND weight are all connected. 

Running the RIGHT lab work to get to the "root" cause of hormone and gut imbalances, understanding how to become metabolically flexible, and overcoming old food narratives is the key to sustainable, long term weight loss and feeling FABULOUS!

I won't tell you it is going to be quick. I won't tell you that it is easy. I WILL tell you better results are within your reach! If you follow my system, the long term results are MUCH better than any short-term fad diet!

A Little Client


"For me as a client, Melanie is a true health and wellness coach and one of the best in the industry because she helps her clients grow spiritually, mentally and physically stronger. She is intentional about living and helping others to live a life with satisfaction, self-love, compassion and joy...AND she is fun! I also learn from Melanie's passion for cooking and her Chinese medicine background helps me when I'm sick!" 

Mary Beth S

"Melanie's knowledge of mind, body and soul can and will drive any client to becoming and feeling whole, healthy and on track to living a positive, strong life. She pushes you beyond what you thought was possible and she helps you realize it’s a process, and making small, consistent changes daily with nutrition and mindset will lead you to a better, stronger life. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting truly a world class experience with Pilates training, nutrition and wellness."

Kim Lyda-Savich

"After being on Melanie's protocol for about six months, I've seen a drastic change physically and mentally. I forgot what is was like to feel normal and its an awesome feeling!"

Francesca R

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