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My Story

wellness and mindset coach

Are you ready to stop guessing about your health and START getting to the root of what's going on?

Are you ready to have the best health and energy of your life?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place!

For years I have helped women lose weight, get strong, fit, toned and healthy through Pilates, holistic bootcamps and Chinese Medicine. However, it wasn’t until I adopted functional lab testing into my practice was I able to get to the "root" cause of what was going on. Now with science-based testing, I can get an exceptionally accurate picture of the inner workings of your stress response, hormone levels, gut health and hidden stressors like gut pathogens.


So what does it mean to be a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner (FDN-P)?


FDN-P's are well-trained functional health coaches and nutrition experts that use lab-tests and clinical correlation to create in-depth, holistic drug-less protocols to bring the body back into balance! I work on the hormonal, endocrine, immune, detoxification and digestive systems, as well as underlying psychological mindset issues that hold us back from greatness.

FDN-P's look at the body as a whole, and understand how each body system interacts with the other. We know how powerful lifestyle is to our health and are well versed in applying targeted-high quality supplements and food therapy to improve our wellness.


Who doesn't want a health practitioner that will LISTEN, spend time with your healing protocol and really, truly be committed to YOU getting healthier?!

Have you ever been dismissed by your doctor? Told that your labs are "normal," even when you feel crappy? Are you thrown the birth control pill for every female problem? Are you wanting to improve your digestion and stop feeling bloated and gassy? Are you scared to eat your favorite food without having repercussions? Are you exhausted all the time but your doctor says nothing is wrong? 

Well Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is for you!


My Story (in a nutshell): Who I am and How I got there

I’ve always been interested in natural medicine and fitness for as long as I can remember. And this interest started from a NEED to feel better about myself.

I grew up in sunny San Diego, and my passion was studying classical ballet. I was a serious ballet dancer and spent hours in the studio every day. Being a ballet dancer was tough on the mind and body, but luckily my family was supportive. My mother, who opened my eyes to alternative ways of healing, took me to an acupuncturist at the age of 16. This acupuncturist became both a confidant and helped me tremendously by physically and energetically balancing my body to handle stress more efficiently.  

One extremely helpful tool I learned during this tumultuous time as a teenager was meditation. I started taking meditation classes from this acupuncturist, and my whole world expanded. I was hooked, and still am, with the amazing benefits I get through meditation. 

During my teen years, I suffered from chronic digestive issues and acne. At first I went the traditional route and was on the birth control pill, antibiotics and eventually the harsh drug Accutane, which ultimately wrecked havoc on my health even more. Although I did stay on the pill for over a decade (and subsequently damaged my gut, hormones and nutrient absorption further), I did forgo the other harsh drugs for a more desirable "natural" approach to healing. 

Having embarrassing acne and uncomfortable digestion issues, even for a girl with decent core self-esteem, was extremely challenging and depressing. However, it did propel me in my interest in natural medicine. I went to various alternative health practitioners and tried elimination diets, supplements and herbal medicine with a mixed affect. I was on the right track, but because I didn't have clear lab tests to lead the way, I was still taking stabs in the dark and not getting to the root causes. Plus, being a teenager, making certain lifestyle changes consistently proved challenging. 

By the age of 21 I knew I wanted to work in the alternative health field. I had my acne under control, but was still suffering and sensitive with my gut. I was enrolled in a Masters program for acupuncture, herbology and Chinese medicine, while dancing full time at the San Diego Ballet. My schooling opened my world to the amazing healing modalities that are not talked about in western medicine. A life changing experience.


I decided to get my Pilates certification in 2003, in order to help clients heal their physical ailments through mindful movement. I worked both as an acupuncturist and Pilates trainer in numerous private and large studios and clinics in New York City, Oakland and San Diego. Since we moved around a lot (I was married and he was in the Coast Guard), teaching Pilates became easier than opening up an acupuncture practice every few years in a new location.

I learned so many valuable things in acupuncture school. I had done a lot of healing and felt stronger but, my healing journey was not over.

Fast forward from our marriage to the crazy world of motherhood.. wow! Talk about being knocked off your feet! Worn out, disheveled and feeling out of shape was the daily status as a new mom. That is when I became so keenly aware of the issues EVERY mom faces… how to honor oneself while you are constantly giving to your family.  How to lose baby weight without starving yourself. How to find your sexy confidence while you are exhausted and feeling frumpy. Moms: I see you. XO

Years later, going through a divorce rocked my world and challenged me in ways that have ultimately made me stronger (we are friends and amicably co-parent). Immediately after my divorce, I went into the dating world for the first time since age 20! I had some ups and downs and learned a lot of HUGE lessons! However, being a "single" mom in my 40’s, I can truthfully say I am more confident, loving, secure, happy and satisfied now than EVER before! And it is because I now truly understand the mindset it takes to stay aligned and self-aware. Through my challenges I am stronger!

Throughout my entire life I looked to others for validation, acceptance, approval and love. Sounds familiar right? I’ve always had a unique personality that I let shine through, but I still cared about people pleasing WAY too much! It feels good to finally let go of other people's expectations of you and just live from your own heart and soul. I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. 

So how did I become an FDN-P?


Well, I was teaching a lot of Pilates and making quite a successful career of it! From high-profile athletes to committed stay at home moms, I had hit the pinnacle of what a great instructor aims to be, but it wasn't enough for me. I had let my acupuncture practice go (while going through the divorce) and my clients consistently asked me for deeper advice for their health concerns.  This made me realize I wanted to get back to what I LOVE the most.... helping people heal, and I wanted to do it even better this time.


Plus, I had some old issues pop up again... adult acne (super fun in your 30's and 40's) and more digestion distress! No matter how strict my diet was,  I still was having issues. In addition, my periods were getting shorter and my symptoms had worsened. To top it off, I was experiencing more stress than ever. I wanted to heal myself by getting to the ROOT cause of what was going on with me. 

So the light bulb went off again and I knew it was time to go to go back to school and get my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner certificate. During the program, I was able to work with an FDN-P for my own health. Lab testing and our FDN health protocols have changed my life! I FINALLY was able to get to the root cause of ALL my  health issues: cortisol dysregulation issues (result of unchecked chronic stress), gut pathogens (H. Plyori and Blastocyst hominis... 2 gut bugs that create so much distress) and specific food sensitivities!  I only WISH I had done the testing sooner in my life! 

I now know you can empower yourself and truly heal, if given the right information and tools. I am so passionate about helping people get to the root cause of their ailments because of my own successful health journey. I am now, at age 44, healthier and  more energetic than ever! But it took a personalized, customized action plan, expert coaching and lots of dedication. I have grown stronger in the process and so will you!

I look forward to guiding you along your health journey. I am committed to your healing and self-empowerment. I want you to feel better! You just have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself.


The investment in your health is the best investment you'll ever make.

Are you committed to improving your health, and want to see if my services are a good match? I offer complimentary 30 min enrollment calls.

Green Succulent Plant
I created this site to help more women find their personal power, regain their sexy glow, and develop the happiest, DGAF attitude around! All your dreams and desires CAN come true…
it's all about healing your body, aligning with what makes your soul sing, developing the ability to remain joyful through anything and getting to know the REAL you. 

A Little Client


"For me as a client, Melanie is a true health and wellness coach and one of the best in the industry because she helps her clients grow spiritually, mentally and physically stronger. She is intentional about living and helping others to live a life with satisfaction, self-love, compassion and joy.. and she is fun! I also learn from Melanie's passion for cooking and her Chinese medicine background helps me when I'm sick!" 

Mary Beth S

Melanie's knowledge of mind, body and soul can and will drive any client to becoming and feeling whole, healthy and on track to living a positive, strong life. She pushes you beyond what you thought was possible and she helps you realize it’s a process, and making small, consistent changes daily with nutrition and mindset will lead you to a better, stronger life. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting truly a world class experience with Pilates training, nutrition and wellness.

Kim Lyda-Savich

"After being on Melanie's protocol for about six months, I've seen a drastic change physically and mentally. I forgot what is was like to feel normal and its an awesome feeling!"

Francesca R

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My role as a health and wellness coach is to support you in your healthy lifestyle. My role is not to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses or medical issues. I can work with your doctor, nutritionist, dietician or mental health provider to help make your transition  easier. My programs do not  replace any relationship that exists, or should exist, between you and  your  medical provider. You should always seek the advice of your doctor, nutritionist or dietician regarding any questions or concerns about your specific health situation. The information provided  on my website, or within our programs is for educational and informational purposes only.

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