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Are you metabolically healthy?

Improving Metabolism 101

Part 1: How do we measure our metabolic health?

Do you feel you are metabolically broken?

First off, I do not think anyone is actually "broken."

But it grabbed your attention, right? You may not be broken, but you can have major metabolic challenges that are affecting your everyday life, energy and weight.

Optimizing your metabolism is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health.

And with this virus that is still going around, seemingly affecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, being metabolically healthy has been shown to be your best fighting chance.

So, how is your metabolism?

Do you feel you have a fast or slow metabolism?

Do you think you can change or improve your metabolism?

What even do I mean by metabolism?

Well, first off, your metabolism refers to ALL the biochemical processes that go on in the body to keep you alive and functioning properly. This includes breathing, cell repair and digesting the food that we eat.

When we talk about a person’s metabolism in reference to ideal health or weight gain/loss, we mean the process of your body breaking down and converting what you eat and drink into energy.

Usually, the conversation about metabolism includes talking about a person’s ability to lose or maintain their weight.

But there are so many other factors that indicate a healthy or unhealthy metabolism.

Let’s talk about factors that indicate how your metabolism is doing!

Ways you can asses metabolic health:

So, I am enrolled in a certification course specifically about optimizing female metabolism. It's a great course that is really going to make me a holistic weight loss EXPERT!

In this course, Dr. Jade Teta talks about the importance of monitoring key categories related to metabolism in patients/clients using a great acronym, SHMEC.

(Yup, SHMEC. Pronounce like it reads.)

Let's talk about ways you can easily asses your own metabolic health using his term SHMEC:

“Keep your SHMEC in check!"







When these five markers are in check, your metabolism is doing great!

If you have issues with one of these areas, it's time to investigate and make some changes.

When SHMEC is not in check, our body is signaling us that something isn't quite right.

A SHMEC check can lead to a deeper dive into hidden health stressors that are stalling your metabolic health.

This applies to men too!

Sleep: Are you sleeping 7-9 hours per night? Do you have quality sleep without multiple nightly wake-ups?

Hunger: Are you constantly hungry? Can you go 4-5 hours in between meals? Do you have no appetite?

Mood: How are you feeling emotionally? Do you get “hangry?” Do you have depression, anxiety, anger, frustration or are you short tempered?

Energy: Do you have even/steady energy levels throughout the day? Any afternoon slumps? Do you have ample energy to complete the tasks in your day?

Cravings: Do you have any cravings for sweet or salty foods? Do you feel those cravings keep you from eating “healthy?”

Other important metabolic health indicators:

Digestion: Do you experience any digestion distress, constipation, diarreha, heart burn, gas, bloating or pain?

Menses: Do you have painful, heavy, irregular or symptoms filled periods and PMS?

Sex drive: Do you have one?

Exercise performance and recovery: Do you have energy to push yourself (reasonably) during a workout? Do you recover quickly or are you sore and drained for days?

Bio makers: Blood Markers: How are your thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin, C-Peptide, homocysteine, Inflammatory markers, mineral status, MTHFR methylation, protein, BUN, cortisol, sex hormones, iron (to name a few)

Bio markers: Vital Signs: Blood pressure, Heart rate Variability, Biomarkers found in an Inbody (BMI, etc.), Vo2 Max

Bio markers: Other Functional lab tests that uncover hidden stressors: Urine based sex and adrenal hormone test (Dutch Complete), Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Food sensitivity testing, Gut microbiome testing (stool), organic acids testing

All these indicators help us in identifying how and where you can improve your metabolism to feel better, have energy, do the activities you love and maintain a healthy weight!

A big focus with my clients is metabolic repair. We do this by investigating hidden stressors through lab testing and clinical correlation with symptoms.

From there we can really strategically create a plan to improve your metabolism!

I hope this article starts to spark your awareness with your own metabolic health.

I will dive into more metabolic health next week!

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