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CBD Oil: Will it help me?

I wanted to share my LOVE for my favorite natural medicinal supplement I am taking daily.

It has been a GAME CHANGER for benefiting my sleep and reducing anxiety, stress and pain. This would be the perfect thing to take before the holidays, or to give as a gift of health!

The magic potion: CBD oil!

As a wellness coach, I am passionate about sharing supplements and tips with you that actually work! CBD oil is one of my "must have" supplements. Let's get some information out of the way first about CBD. 

Here are some facts about where CBD oil comes from:

- CBD oil is a well studied beneficial oil extracted from the hemp plant. - Hemp is one of two species of Cannabis plant. The second species of cannabis is marijuana. - Both species of Cannabis plant contains over 400 chemical compounds, 113 known as "cannabinoids" have a direct affect on the body through cannabinoid receptors we have in our cells. This cannabinoid system plays a role in benefiting and regulating our physiology and mood.

- One of these compounds found in the marijuana plant is THC, the more infamous, psychotropic compound that gives you a "high" feeling (and has been found to be therapeutic, but that is another topic).

- CBD, a compound found in much higher concentrations in the hemp plant (vs the marijuana plant) is a non-psychotropic compound with HUGE benefits to the body. Although there are traces of both compounds in both species, to keep it simple, THC is found in marijuana, CBD is found in hemp.

-To summarize, CBD oil contains all the benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive compounds. Whatever your thoughts on medical marijuana are, CBD oil's benefits, cannot be ignored. 

Ok so, what the heck is CBD oil good for?

Many great things:  - Chronic Pain management - Reduces anxiety and stress  - Reduces inflammation: a huge problem in this society that leads to many non-infectious diseases.  - Reduces oxidative stress: because of our toxic environment, our body has trouble neutralizing all the free radicals, and CBD can help reduce neurological damage  - Promotes healthy weight - Improves skin conditions - Contains potential anti-cancer properties - Aids in restful sleep (This one is a huge favorite for me!)

Also CBD oil is found to be helpful for pets suffering from excessive barking, anxiety and loss of appetite. 

I saw a HUGE difference in the quality of my sleep when I started taking CBD oil at night. I sleep the night without waking up! I sleep deeper, more easily and without the mind chatter keeping me up.

Since taking CBD regularly, I also handle stress with more ease and find I do not let my worrying overcome me as much. I just feel better, more calm and less agitated. A side note, my periods have also become less painful, and I think the CBD oil has something to do with it. 

I love CBD oil so much, I have decided to partner with the Thought Cloud company in order be an affiliate and promote their products. I have tried many CBD oil companies and Thought Cloud is the best! Plus, they are a very user friendly, socially conscious company. They have a ton of products to choose from! Don't get overwhelmed, you can ask for help on their website to decide which product would be be best for you!

My mom loves CBD oil too! You know you believe in a product when you have your mom taking it! 

I personally take the CBD oil drops under my tongue internally. There are also vaping CBD oil products and topical skin products. All of Thought Clouds products are 100% organic, lab tested, grown on licensed farms in Colorado and super high quality. Definitely worth the investment. Also look out for their amazing sales!

Here is my link specifically to the "Pain and Sleep" formula from Thought Cloud I take every evening:  Pain and Sleep Formula from Thought Cloud

As usual, I encourage you to do your own research and find what works for you. But I hope you get to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil! #GameChanger

Have a wonderful Day! 


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