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You do NOT want a fast metabolism

Wait what? I thought I DID want to have a fast metabolism?

I thought I envied people with a fast metabolism!

I thought the GOAL was to have a FAST metabolism!

Well, no, not exactly. We really do not want our metabolism to be on one side of either extreme.

If you did, it could be exhausting to keep up with the high caloric dietary requirements. You would always be hungry! And trying to exercise to the MAX to boost your metabolism could lead to major hormonal imbalances later on.

What you want is a flexible metabolism.

What do I mean by a flexible metabolism?

You want to be adaptable.

In fact, in order to have a well functioning metabolism that has the ability to lose or maintain weight, adaptability is the name of the game.

For a flexible metabolism:

- You want to be resilient during changes and fluctuations in energy expenditure (exercise, movement) and energy intake (calories), and all the while bursting with energy.

- You want to be able to fluctuate between being a fat burner (fat adapted) and a sugar burner (glucose).

- You want to successfully tolerate and respond favorably to fluctuating caloric intakes.

- You want to be able to execute higher intensity exercise, and then also have periods of lower intensity exercise.

- You want to be able to be at ease during times of feasting or fasting.

- You want to maintain, all the while, feeling good, having stable blood sugar and energy levels, and be able to maintain or steadily lose weight.

How do you accomplish this metabolic flexibility?

Change it up! But, strategically.

When I work with clients on their weight loss goals, they are surprised that I encourage them to do what I call an "Intermittent Energy Restriction Plan."

I have my clients, after some foundational metabolic work, start to alternate ways of eating, amount of food and intensity of exercise every two weeks.

We fluctuate the plan intentionally!

This keeps our metabolism responding! #keepitflexy

Intermittent energy restriction may include lower calorie and relative higher calorie weeks, changes in workouts based on menstrual cycle, hot/cold therapies that enhance metabolic flexibility and even the type of nutritional paradigm can be switched up (keto, paleo, vegetarian, etc)!

Here's why we NEED to change it up:

When we do the SAME things, eat the same way, and do the same exercise routine day in and day out, it conditions our metabolism to remain the same.

Our metabolism adapts and handles what we give it. In essence, the metabolism stops responding when our routine never changes.

So, for someone with weight loss goals, doing the exact same thing each week can stagnate their results.

And yes, you can stall out, even on an "eat less, exercise more" calorie deficit plan.

In fact, this type of low calorie, high exercise plan done long term, can actually put too much stress on the body and lead to hormonal imbalances and weight gain.

Especially for anyone who has an under-active thyroid or cortisol regulation issues, it is imperative that you do NOT implement this type of "eat less, exercise more" plan for too long.

Sound complicated? It actually isn't, once you have the foundations down!

In fact, the variety of routine makes your weight loss journey more varied, fun and interesting!

There should be structure in this concept of intermittent energy restriction.

We can't just say, "Oh I naturally mix things up all the time, so I'm good!"

Well, you can say that if you want to lol. But if you are struggling with your weight, hormones and energy levels, we HAVE to get strategic.

You will have more success with a customized blueprint.

This metabolic flexibility strategy can account for your personal preferences, which is great, because I truly believe there is no one-sized-fits all approach.

Hope this was helpful!

Are you ready to finally get a targeted approach to losing weight that includes optimizing your health in all aspects?

Click the link below to set up a complimentary clarity call with to discuss working 1:1! I'd love to help!

I would love to help!

With love,



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