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Sacred Spaces Detox

Cleanse and transform your inner and outer worlds!

Sacred spaces detox with wellness and mindset coach Mel Rogers
sacred spaces detox with mel rogers wellness and mindset coach
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Healthy Breakfast

dig up old belief patterns

change your relationship with self

feed your body nourishing thoughts

create a home environment that supports new goals

Time for Spring cleaning! This is so much more than your usual food detox!


In this 4-week group on-line guided detox we have you covered in ALL areas of your life: Your mind, body, soul and environment!


Course Material:  

  • Contemporary Feng Shui: Learn the basic principles, apply the map in your home and create transformational change in your life

  • Self-love Bootcamp: the nitty gritty on achieving soul-nourishing, personal empowerment. Learn to meditate to create massive shifts in your life!

  • Aligned Eating: Learn to use your intuition to make better food choices for yourself. Diets and food philosophies can be co confusing! Should I go vegan, paleo, keto…?! Time to stop stressing and simply tap into your body’s innate ability to know what is best for YOU!

  • Inner-Chi Food Plan: Simple whole-foods based detox eating plan that you can customize to fit your needs. Time to see results and feel good! Loose inflammation, gain energy, drop weight and look amazing.

  • Inner-Chi Chick Workouts: Enjoy live, on the spot workouts, short but effective, targeted Pilates and dance-based workouts you can do from home

   What is Feng Shui and why do we need it?    

Feng Shui is the intentional and purposeful art of home arrangement. An ancient Chinese practice, we have adopted it for the modern contemporary household to ROCK YOUR WORLD! How your house is arranged matters…. Everything you put in your home has energy, meaning, and power to enhance or hinder your life. You can tap into the energy of your home to help manifest your goals and dreams! This is such a powerful tool to help enhance all that you want.

Our work will include learning the secrets of specifically placing items you love in special sections of your house to enhance areas of your life. Clearing space and staying on top of clutter are also some tools we utilize in order to enhance manifestation. You will be given the famous feng shui map to apply to your house to cover all areas that you want to enhance in your life!

In this course you will learn about manifestation, how to create daily rituals in order to feel forward movement towards your dreams, and most importantly, become clear on what your intentions are for you life!

In this course you will:

  • Get access to our private facebook group where we will be posting the videos and worksheets that guide you along this detox journey

  • Be able to ask questions, gain information and connect with our tribe through our group

  • Receive weekly live videos with us to seek clarity and guidance

  • Complete weekly assignments to better understand the concepts taught

  • Start or deepen a meditation practice to manifest, feel good and confident

  • Follow our whole-foods based food plan to look good and feel amazing

  • Learn the art of feng shui and strategically clean out and enhance a special area of your home

  • Feel great, gain energy, loose weight and inflammation and gain sexy confidence

The time is NOW to start your Sacred Spaces Detox

and become the hot mom you always knew you could be!

Sexy, smart, confident and flourishing!


Reserve your space now for just


Program Starts May 1st!

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